Thursday, May 21, 2015

Post Reboot

The above picture is me right now - I'm home and I have nothing to eat.. I mean, I have nothing I want to eat. My diet reboot was an obvious success, because I have zero appetite and minimal hunger. I had two string cheeses and a bowl of soup for lunch, and will have a light dinner most likely if I can manage to pick out something to eat! I have some pretty tasty food to choose from, none of which sounds good to me right now.
I HAVE TO incorporate more workouts! Walking isn't giving me the results I need, and I have the time to go to the gym now so there's no excuse
I just wish someone would join me in the gym..
I need a workout buddy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cabbage Soup Diet Verdict

I'm on day 4, and I cheated last night.
I ate a sweet potato, and baked tilapia with shredded coconut. I couldn't help it! Although I wasn't hungry for the majority of the day, my focus was gone and my head was pounding. Furthmore, I started to feel cold/flu like symptoms from not eating as much as I should. Being hungry isn't feeling healthy, and I think I get that confused - being healthy is eating a balanced diet and watching your calorie count. I think the cabbage soup diet is a calorie control diet just like anything else, but it has a certain structure that encourages you to follow a plan in lieu of thinking for yourself. My appetite is reduced, and I hope to keep it that way, but I just started to feel bad all over so I figured this would be a good time to stop and enjoy some protein. Another issue I began to have was cramping in my legs, and I also figured the diet was to blame for that as well. I enjoyed a banana for breakfast this morning, so I'm hoping that'll help. I'll have a big colorful salad for lunch and I may finish off the cabbage soup for dinner since I don't want it to go to waste.
Should you try it? I don't think you need it to be honest, but if you're like me and need a strict plan for a few days to reduce your appetite, then go for it! I'll go back to what was working before I fell off the diet wagon, and enjoy my weekly cheat meal. Things just got out of control around finals, and I needed to get back on track (or in reality, punish myself for stress binging!) Aside from the issues the diet was causing me, I was also getting sick of veggies and fruit - I love both, and I don't want to lose my desire to eat those things!
Take Aways....
Enjoy carby food in the morning
Limit carbs at night
Eat for energy
Carbonated drinks increase stomach size -stay away!
Sweet drinks can cause sweet cravings
Colorful foods are more satisfying
Calories in v. Calories out - nothing else.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 2 of 7

 This is day two of the diet, and it's not so bad. Today was veggie day, which has left me VERY hungry between breakfast and lunch (my own fault - I didn't bring snacks). I'm getting a headache from the lack of diet soda, but I've been drinking green tea with some of my meals to add some flavor. I find flavored beverages satisfy my sweet tooth. It's been tough to focus and I don't have much energy -I did manage to go walking with a friend, but was exhausted when I returned home. I'm also lacking sleep, but that's due to being the only one home until 1am - Richard is on 2nd shift this week, and I can't relax enough to fall asleep until he gets home.

Day 2 Menu:
Breakfast - Cabbage Soup
Lunch - Baked sweet potato; butter/cinnamon
Dinner - Sauteed green beans, onion, and garlic.

Day 2 Pros:
Getting full quicker
Drinking more water
Enjoying fresh veggies

Day 2 Cons:
Lacking energy
Hungry, but lacking appetite.
Stomach pains from bloating

So far, I'm still a fan. I think the toughest day will be banana day, but we shall see. Maybe those carbs will restore my energy! Can't wait for the end of the week, because that potein will be a big reward! I may weight myself in the morning just to see if my scale is moving... then again, I better not. If the scale isn't moving, my disappointment may discourage me.

Note: I did weigh this morning (morning of day 3) and guess what?! I've lost nothing, in fact I gained 0.5 - I was reading, and it says to stick with it due to the bloating and water retention so that's what I'll do I guess, but yeesh! It's impossible for it to be fat, because 3500 cals = 1 lb of fat, and even stuffing myself on fruits and veggies has only allowed me to consume about 600-750 calories. STILL!! I'm so disappointed right now.


I'm going to take a break from complaining about this diet; after all, I'm doing it to myself. On the bright side, I'm eating much healthier, my appetite is shrinking, and I'm feeling a-ok. That was the point - reboot my body so I can carry on with a decent way of eating. I ate something close to 3500+ calories Saturday - no, I eat no where near that on a regular basis, but man! That's a lot! I had a chicken biscuit, burger and fries, pasta, stuffed mushrooms, bread, and cheesecake - delicious and fattening! I still stand by the fact that it was a good plan to do this, just sayin'.
The reason I did eat all of that on Saturday was due to the fact that we went to Six Flags with our friends Brena and Jamie, and their two little ones. We had a blast! I think we were over 20,000 stops after the day was over, which probably made up for some of our out of control eating.
I managed to get Richard onto a RollerCoaster! It was the biggest, longest, scariest one there - that part wasn't my decision. He decided that he wanted to try that specific one because it didn't go upside down. I think he liked it, but our stomachs were done after that. We all agreed to go to White Water next time - I can't wait!!

The Yellow and Blue coaster was the one he chose :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 1 of 7: Diet Review

So I mentioned that I was going to try the 7 days cabbage soup diet to reboot my over all way of eating, and it was easier than I thought on day 1. The theme for the first day was fruit.
Here's how my day went:
Breakfast: Watermelon and Pineapple
Lunch: 3 Plums
Dinner: 3 cups cabbage soup
I played with the soup recipe - mine has lots of cabbage, onions, carrots, tomatoes, red pepper flakes, beef stock, garlic powder, and onion powders. Along with my meals I drank green tea and water.
Day 1 Pros:
Feeling lighter all ready!
Enjoying the fresh food
Easy to follow meal plan.
Day 1 Cons:
Had to get up to pee at least 5 times last night
Soup is boring after a while.
Tomorrow is veggie day, which includes one baked potato ^_^
Do I think I'll lose 10 lbs?  
No way!!
Do I think it's a great diet reboot plan?
Sure... so far :)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Louis CK - SNL

So I had to pull up SNL on Hulu to check out this Louis CK opening that everyone was so offended by, because 1) I assumed it was your standard Louis CK routine, and 2) I enjoy his comedy. I didn't find him offendsive, but that may be because it was what I expected. Others who tuned it may have not been prepared for his brand of comedy, but if they are also avid SNL watchers, than they've seen Louis preform before. What I think actually happend though is the media pointed out that it was offensive, and folks who are not fans of either went out of their way to view the opening simply to be informed just enough to complain. That's what people do now-a-days; find something to complain about. The following skit made my a lot more uncomfortable, and was a lot less funny than his opening routine.. just sayin'.
I'm starting to think that people are so easily offended... Ummm, no actually... I think people are so easily butt hurt and spoiled that they expect the world to cater to their views because they do not have the ability to control their emotions to deal with the issue of being offended. If I don't like something that is on the TV, I turn it off. If I don't like something I'm reading, I stop reading it. Why is this a hard concept to grasp? If you don't like it, avoid it - live in a bubble for all I care, but stop ruining our lives with constant complaints and ignorant babble. Most people could not care less if you are offended, or are not a fan of something - Just because you don't like something someone said, doesn't mean you should keep others from hearing it if they want to.
Louis CK says things that most of us think, but can't say, won't say, or do not know how to say. Sometimes, he serves as my anger translator; especially on things like gay marriage and other social and family issues. I don't know how many views Louie has received after all this hub bub, but I can only imagine that while you're offended, he's enjoying all the media attention, getting his name out there, and probably never making plans to change. So if you wanna waste your time being offended - go ahead. It's a miserable life to lead to get caught up in such silly things, and find anger or discomfort in so much, but go ahead... I'll be here enjoying the laughter.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Losing it!

I've been looking at older pictures of me, some from 2-3 years ago, and I try my best to remember what I was doing to look like that - ummm... first of all I was living on my own for the most part, eating like once a day due to my weird work schedule, and standing for 8-12 hours a day while working out on occasion. What's my total gain since 2012? Like... 20 pounds :(
That's my accountability, that's my announcement to the world that I am so incredibly happy and carefree, I've let myself go. I'm not lazy; I still workout and eat well, but there are times where I eat more than I'm supposed to. I've also had the stress of school on me which has caused a lot of stress induced binges - no fun. Well, I'm happy to say that I'm finished with school (finally), graduation is Saturday, and we'll be celebrating at Six Flags with friends! I'll be glad to enjoy the day with Richard as well, since he'll be on 2nd shift all next week - I won't see him but for a few minutes each day, and I'll likely be in bed during that time, but I'm going to use the alone time to form a routine, and kick start my diet! Forming the habit while he is away will allow me to keep it when he does back to his regular schedule - time to clean out the fridge!
I want to see big results - big results motivate me, so I'm going to do something drastic - one of those quick fix, fads. No, I'm not being sarcastic - I just need a good structured meal plan that has a very structured menus to renew my motivation and willingness to give up the junk. In searching, I was reminded of a diet I heard about when I was little - the 7 day cabbage soup diet. I thought it was only cabbage soup, but it's more than that - the soup it the main part, but you have other things to eat each day - I'll post the plan below. The diet promises a loss of 7-10 pounds during the week. Once I come off of it, I'll go to a fairly low calorie, clean way of eating. I think my appetite will adjust nicely with the structured eating plan, lack of carbonation, and no sugar. The hardest part will be giving up caffeine!! I love my diet soda, and I'm unpleasant without it.

This is a simple layout - each day has a specifc theme,
and then you enjoy all the cabbage soup you want!
I'm not sharing this with my friends, because I know what they'll say - "You're not fat, you don't need this drastic measure!" Well, I've received one too many back handed compliments, and hints that I should hide away my weight lately from my friends, so they don't get an opinion - this is for me.

It never feels good to be criticized about the way you look, and in my adult life I have had the luck of not being too ‘judged’ by others, at least not to my face. For some reason, recently I have struggled with direct and indirect comments directly related to my weight, and these comments have come from friends. Even if it’s followed up by, “…and you’re not fat, that’s not what I’m saying” or even if it’s a comment that is directly related to someone else’s preferences like, “do you really want to share your clothing sizes on your bridal shower invitations?” – it doesn’t feel better. What I hear is, “You’re enormous, why would you want people to know just how large you really are?” That’s how things translate in my head. If you say something makes me look fat, I hear “that accentuates the fact that you’re fat”. I know that shouldn’t be anyone else’s problem, but regardless it’s still rude no matter how it translates. I mean, who does that?!
I don’t mind sharing my clothing sizes – why? Because people have eyes, and they see around what size I am. There is no hiding my size 12-14 body, and since when do people care about one’s bra size? Most of my friends know that I exercise, eat ok, and show concern for my health and well-being. I’m not a big fat slob, but I certainly feel like that lately with all the sudden comments. I guess it comes with being so “public”? When you get engaged there are so many things you have to do, so many pictures to be taken…I guess someone at some point is going to say they don’t think you look good in them. Funny… I cosplay in very form fitting costumes, and I’ve never had that problem (at least not yet). I mean, when someone says you're fat, what are you supposed to do with that information?
That's me on the right - I thought I
was looking darn good!
Point is, I guess the world thinks I need to go on a diet - I care too much unfortunately, and no... I don't want to be a fat bride. If someone tells me I'm 'thick' in my wedding pictures, I will indeed curl up and cry - just so you know. All of my friends sit around and admit their fat (when they're not) and I don't like that. I don't like to sit around and talk about how fat I am - if it's a problem, yo, I solve it. Furthermore, why don't we all strive to be healthy instead of skinny mini - (says the girl wanting to try the cabbage soup diet as a kickstarter) I'm so torn on this - I was doing so well for so long, and then a series of unfortunate comments ruined me. It would be a little different if it was strangers, but friends... FRIENDS!!