Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I am on day two on my, "Misty is going to workout in the mornings" project, and today is certainly better than yesterday, and I'm hoping tomorrow will be even better! Whereas yesterday I was only able to do the eliptical for 20 minutes, and spend the next 20 simply walking, I could do my 20 minutes on the eliptical AND 20 minutes on the Arc trainer - I was exhausted, but totally worth it. One issue I'm having is the absolute starvation I feel by the time I get to work, but it was better this morning. I had some melon and some yogurt, and I'll survive until lunch (I think) I brought some carrots to snack on later, since by the time I leave work my body is again begging for food - when I get home, I wanna eat everything in the house. I usually immediately start dinner when I get some for that reason. Tonight will be baked pork chops and roasted potatoes. I've given up on giving up carbs, because I love them tooooooo much! Plus, I see results if I'm doing things right, carbs or no carbs. I've been trying to stick to 3 meals a day, and two snacks. Fruit and yogurt for breakfast, soup or sandwich for lunch, and a meat and side for dinner - snacks are almost ALWAYS carrots and hummus, but fruit will come more into play once melon is REALLY in season. I feel good; tired, but good. Tired is ok.

Are you wondering why there is a Ginger in her swim skimpies on this post? It's because that is what is called a "fatkini", and I want one. I refuse to spend $80 on swimwear until I've earned it though! That is my reward - a new fatkini for my less fat self before we leave for our honeymoon. That reminds me! We need to book that. I think we decided that we are going to take a cruise to Mexico! I know it's generic, but I don't care. I've never been on a cruise, and we found one that goes to the Cozumel and Yucatan. I'm excited for the beach, but more so about the Mayan ruins that we will be visiting. I hope this turns out well, if so we want to plan much longer cruises in the future. We will be gone for 5 days on the trip, and we will have a glorious 12 days off from work! Oh my goodness, I can't wait!! There will be soooooooo many pictures taken on this vacation! We will need it, and deserve it!

We've been so busy lately - I'm taking 3 classes this semester, one of which is a directed study - which means, "you're on your own, kid". I'm also taking yet another Math, and Environmental Law. Please, let me watch paint dry instead! At least it's almost over (MAY!!!!) I say I'll never go to school again, but I may have lied. I will not be going for a third degree, I know that much! I may go back for some more accounting work though, and let the State pay for it (I work for the state, and they pay for one course a semester) I finally for the job I want "right now", but I still want to be an auditing work some day - who knows!? I may be flipping burgers at night to pay back my student loans - thank goodness they have a "pay as you earn" option! We'll see how that works out.

Do you see what I see...

The above photo is from our engagement pictures (more of an out-take really..), and although I love most of them I found myself over analyzing each little flaw I found on myself immediately after receiving them. I didn’t post all of them on my Facebook, and would really like to limit what we share with family, because as you know… they are surely talking about how outrageously fat everyone is all of the time (sarcasm). Everyone seems to love them, and I do too. I think I became bothered when a friend described me as thick, and said that some of the poses seemed awkward… Well, I felt like crying, but waited until I got home (Like KK says, “Don’t cry; not in public, and not with fresh mascara”.) These are my forever photos!! Why, oh why would you say such a thing! There are few times when it’s ok to NOT be honest, and I think this was one of those times – that’s why brides are always beautiful and engagement photos are always adorable and babies are never ugly. I know that sounds silly, but I thought it was understood. I love my friend by the way, she is amazing… One think I love is her honesty, BUT GEEZ! Grilled Cheesus Christ Chex, I know I’m a woman of size without pointing it out at this particular time. We can talk about it every day, just not today.

What I hope people see in our photos is our happiness, the smiles, the silliness we share, friendship, love, and a lasting togetherness. I think it shows. I hope so anyway, because it is the truth. I very much look forward to September J

Friday, April 10, 2015

Save the Date!!


Stopping by to say HI!

I was reading another blog, and realized that it’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been busy, but things are settling down now.

I guess most people know that I’m still in college, but thankfully I only have 5 ½ weeks left until I finish my second degree. This semester isn’t going great, and it's probably the toughest one yet! I have a lot of homework, a lot of math, and a lot of writing that all has really strict due dates. I have one directed study course as well that I haven’t even started on – note: Never take a course that is “at your own pace” when you are a procrastinator. So, full time work and school + charity work + wedding planning + the other responsibilities of everyday life = a stressed out woman!

The wedding planning is going well, but sometimes I feel like there is too much that has to be done, and then sometimes I feel like we have nothing to do until it gets closer. Well, it’s close enough, and we need to get on the ball! At least I ordered my dress, and our engagement sesson has been done!

Work is good. I’ve lost 10 lbs since I’ve started the new job and I am crediting the fact that I’m less stressed out all of the time! I’ve been trying to eat better, but it really isn’t THAT much better more than it is eating the same things every day so I don’t go overboard. Dinner is always tough though, because no matter how many carrots I eat at work, I’m starving when I get some for no apparent reason. I also bought 5 bags of Easter candy… Why? WHY?

That’s really all that I have going on right now..I’m too stressed to be interesting, but I will post some photos of what we’ve been up too soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I'm Out!!

Can I just say… I LOVE my new job!
I transferred from Human Resources to Accounting with the State and it is 100 times better! My boss is nice, my co-workers are nice, everyone wants you to succeed, and are all more than willing to help when you have a problem. In the HR department, besides not being a huge fan of the work I was doing (just wasn’t my thing), there was a lot of drama; somebody was always angry with somebody else, and there was no trust in the leadership. Everyday there was something else going on; two co-workers fussing, a co-worker fussing with the supervisor, the supervisor fussing at everyone because of he said/she said issues that no one bothered to fact check, and I think everyone talked behind everyone’s back including the supervisor. It’s draining when you have to deal with that stuff every day regardless if you’re a part of it or not. My biggest issue was having things dumped on me with little or no training, and no help offered. I asked for help and was basically turned away. I learned a lot of what I knew on my own, especially during the last few months when I picked up other job responsibilities due to someone being out of work. Not only did I have to train myself on how to do the new duties, I was expected to train someone that should have been supervising that role all along. Was it appreciated? Nope! I didn’t even get a thank you, even though I wasted valuable training time that I needed for my new job to train a few new employees in HR on duties that they found out they weren’t allowed to do due to their employment status. I was then expected to take time away from my new job to train the supervisor that should have already know the aspects of those duties – like I said, she should have been supervising that role all along, and the lack of supervising is why they are in a tough position now with things being so disorganized and confusing. I of course was blamed for that… I mean…why not? I had a whole month in the role and the mess only goes back to 2012 (sarcasm) I spent most of my time catching up on 4 months of past due items and incomplete paperwork, and when I left it was up to date – again, no appreciation. Furthermore, my former boss had the nerve to say to me, “next time you transfer, for future reference, maybe you shouldn’t leave your office such a mess – we don’t know what anything is.” Would you like to know how long I had between them telling me that it was time for me to go over to my new department, and me actually leaving? 10 minutes! Why?! Because they “forgot”. So…I was in a hurry. Most of the things they said they were confused about were either copies of paperwork I had in a stack, or files I took over and had sitting in my office for easy reference since I didn’t see the point of running back and forth between my office and the one where the file cabinet was since those were current things I needed to work on. I did have some loose papers in my office when I left that needed to be thrown out, but again… 10 minutes! And that 10 minutes was filled with employees asking questions and needed things from me. The folders I did have in my office were color coded, so it would have been easy to figure out if anyone took a moment to bother, and other items only required basic reading skills to identify. Later that day, after a few more smart ass remarks and blatant unprofessional comments, I was happy to leave, but I was steaming mad when I got to my new department. I was happy to have a new boss that stands up for me, and I feel a good sense of trust now which is important. It is hard to respect someone when you can’t trust them, especially when they speak down to you.

This wasn’t supposed to be a big rant, but I felt angry all over again! I guess I should be thankful, because I’m learning very quickly in my new job despite missing the majority of the training. I could credit that to struggling so much before – it’s like baseball… When you’re in the batters box, doing practice swings with the added weight on the bat; it’s a lot easier to hit a homerun once the weight is off, and you are at the plate ^_^

Monday, January 26, 2015

Stand and Deliver

I talked about converting my desk to a standing desk last week, and Friday afternoon and took the time to find things around the office to do just that. My monitor is stacked on a paper box, and I build something slightly shorter for my key board out of cardboard – never underestimate a cosplayer! I’m standing up now as I type this, and I gotta tell you – so far I feel more motivated and I have more energy. I can tell my feet are going to start hurting, but I think I can purchase a rubber mat to stand on to fix that issue, or get better shoes. When and if I transfer department, I’ll have to see if this is possible for my new office – I imagine it will be, but I’m not 100% certain on the type of work I will be doing. I know what I’ll be cross training on, but not what my main job duties will be. If I can do data entry standing up, I’m certain I can do anything standing up. I’m getting used to typing while standing, and though I started a little slow, now I feel right at home! Just like the old days of working at the hotel, and not even having the option to sit down. Let’s hope this helps with the weight loss – I read one review of a standing desk where a writer made a point to do 4 hours of her work standing each day, and she lost 7 pounds with no other changes in one month! I’d like to see some loss, and I’ll be updating monthly on the standing desk project in the meantime. My friend and I are also walking a few times a week, on Saturdays we may start playing soccer again and of course every Thursday once it warms up.

Don’t hate me… I’m drinking diet soda today. I made it 26 days with no carbonated beverages, but I saw no benefit honestly so I went back. I feel like I eat less when I can have the occasional diet soda since it satisfies my sweet cravings. I know “studies” say otherwise, but I don’t feel like it makes me hungrier by any means, and I usually fill up faster when drinking it with a meal so I’ll add it back.

I have my first dress shopping trip on February 16th – wish me luck on the weight loss in the meantime!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Standing Desk

Looking back to when I was having successful weight loss on the calorie counting site I was using at the time, I learned that I was not only eating more, but eating what I wanted basically. It’s annoying, because I know exactly why – I was standing/moving around for 8 hours a day. Once I went to a desk job the weight kept creeping up, and although I kept off 20 of the pounds I originally lost, it’s disappointing and I want to be losing! According to Spark People, standing burns an extra 800-2000 calories a day not counting movement; that coupled with working out a few times a week and eating 1500 calories or less a day was a great recipe for weight loss. I was easily burning enough and controlling my calories enough to make my goal, but I’ve lost that extra calorie burn now so what can I do about it? I’m likely going to be sitting at a desk from now on to do my work, so this is an issue that has to be solved!

I don’t have the extra money for a standing work station, and the only way that work will provide me with one is if I have a doctor state that it’s better for me. I’ve thought of making one, but that may look too ridiculous – I may get desperate though! I thought about getting a portable elliptical, but I don’t know how effective they are or how often I’d hop on. I feel like I had more energy when I got home when I was standing all day, but that may just be because of the varying shifts and extra sleep. I’m not going to convert to a standing desk either way right now, because I may be changing offices soon for a new job opportunity – It should be interesting to see if those folks automatically think I’m a weirdo when they see my standing desk, but hey! It’ll be easier for them to show me new things I think since they won’t have to lean way over and struggle to see the screen. Ugh!! I don’t know!

I may ask IT if there are some spare parts in their department so I can build be a desk if at all possible, otherwise I need to figure something out!