Friday, December 27, 2013


I was happy to receive a $100 gift card to Amazon this Christmas, since that means I will be able to buy some more exotic ingrediants for my newest venture of learning more about traditional Asian cuisine and how to prepare it. If you look at a place like Japan, you can plainly see that there are not a lot of over weight people - partially due to their diet, but mostly due to their activity levels. As I get back into the gym, I'm going to experiment with an Asian centered diet low on meats, rich in veggies, and of course; steamed rice. In observing HOW many Asian countries eat, I notice that the rice is the main dish, and everything else seems to compliment the rice - broth, soups, sauteed fish or other meat, tofu, and lightly cooked veggies contribute to most of the meal's flavor. I also noticed many sites say that they eat much slower than the typical American, with 1/3 of the calories since they eat until satisfied, but not stuffed. Along with the diet, they also have daily exercise and methods of reducing stress through meditation and yoga - I'll be experimenting with both! I think this will be fun.

I could spend my gift card on ingrediants along, not counting the fresh ingrediants - my Amazon shipping list is limited to certain seasonings, and sauces that I have not been able to find in the stores, or at least, not at a good price. Being right after Christmas, I'm also low on funds, but I really hope that doesn't stop me from enjoying my new thing.

This isn't a diet, but I will be watching my measurements as time progresses to see if I'm losing inches through the relaxing workouts and stress relief - again, it's an experiment. I think too with the balanced, low calorie eating plan, I should see some great results!

I'll keep you updated :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ever see those pictures on the internet with "inspirational" words in front? Or the ones that have tips or statements about "real" relationships - do you also notice that the folks who post the most of those are the ones you see a month or two later in a whole other relationship claiming they've never been happier, until the next time, and then they've never been happier again... and again; wash, rinse, repeat. Maybe in their posts of happiness and pride, they are convincing their self that they have a good relationship, and the fights they have are perfectly acceptable? I don't know...

It just seems that the most boastful relationships are the ones doomed to fail - like they are trying to prove something to all these people who don't matter. And the biggest thing I don't understand is when they say they are sooooo in love "this time", yet they say it about every partner -what sense does that make?

Maybe I'm the weird one...

I just don't see much point in all the messy stuff and drama...
I don't easily give myself up to just anyone.
I've dated only two men...
I regret the first - it was a waste of my time.

I want to marry the man I am with - I love him, but I'm in no hurry - we are no less happy, no less in love, and no less dedicated to building a life together by being currently unwed. We have nothing to prove and no one we wish to please by rushing. Be patient.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dying to be Thin

If anyone is around me often enough, they'll will begin to see my pattern - I am a serial dieter. I leap from diet to diet like a addicts looking for their next bump - It's an eating disorder; serial dieting, yo-yo dieting, whatever you want to call it is a disorder, because it's an obsession, and although I can say that aloud, and even be alarmed by it - I'll continue you to do it, as if I don't have a choice. I'm not AS bad, I think losing $400 on the HCG trend was the last straw - I've tried that, I've been experimenting with JUDDD, I've done Atkins, taken all the pills you can think of, vegan, primal, you name it! Right now I'm simply back to walking everyday, and eating very low calorie, and since I was never convinced that HcG really did anything to prevent the symtoms of eating the way that is required on the diet, I thought about revisiting the diet part of the plan, and not paying all that money for the injections - I mean, how crazy is it that someone would give their self an injection everyday that isn't proven to work?

I'm a stress eater - I get stressed, and I want to eat. Last night after our meeting with the mortgage people, I was stressed even though we got the answers that were expected, and the help that was needed, and even some pretty good news, but I was still disappointed that we couldn't buy a home right this minute - we'll have to do a few things and revisit it in a few month. Anyways.. I came home and made us a healthy meal, and we did the dishes together - I then started itching for some sweets, and it was the stress, I know it! I could have went to bed and not eaten anymore, but we ended up going to the store, originally for ice cream, but instead I ended up making banana pudding; we split a small bowl and went to bed.

I don't feel comfortable at my weight, I should, but I don't. I'm not huge by any means, I'm the national average - a size 12. I have goals in mind - I just want to be a 9, I'm not asking to be a stick figure. I think after Thanksgiving I'll try something new until Christmas, then go from there if it's working. I need to get back into the gym, and get back into my workouts, running, and weight training. I'm sick of fearing weight gain! If I had a super power, it would be shape shifting that way I could eat a whole Pecan Pie and never gain a pound ;)

Much love.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Whole Foods (Part 2)

You can't really consider this only part two of my Whole Foods experiences, because I've been in there a few times since I wrote about it last, but I had a much better experience this time.

It's Friday, so I thought I would treat myself, especially since this is an up day. I was going to go to Wendy's and get some chili, but I opted to try the Lobster Bisque at Whole Foods instead - well, I WAS going to try it, but sadly they were out of it. I decided to fix myself a salad instead, and let me tell you, it was the best salad I've ever had! I had a mix of field greens, spinach, and romain lettuce, cherry tomatoes, onion, cucumber, pecans, walnuts, cranberries, feta cheese, smoked turkey, and herb ranch dressing. I meant to take a picture of it, but I devoured it! AND it was under 500 calories, so I may have it again tomorrow (on my down day) since my boyfriend is going out to see a movie.

This may become a regular thing since I've decided to go low carb in my JUDDD journey starting Monday. It was only $6 for a BIG filling salad, and I'm certainly ok with paying that amount 2-3 times a week - just gotta leave out the cranberries, since 2 tablespoons of them equal to about 16 carbs,while subtracting them makes the salad equal only 9 net carbs - definitely worth it! I may just buy the same stuff and make some up at home in a big bowl - maybe Whole Foods sales their dressing? It would save me a trip when I'm having a busy day, and would fix my low carb lunch dilemma - I never know what to eat for lunch when I'm low carbing - I always end up with boiled eggs, and when I'm already eating those for breakfast every other morning, they get old fast! I also have issues with low carb breakfast on the go, but the eggs are ok through the week, especially since I only eat breakfast during the week 2-3 times.

I'm hoping low carbing will break my two week stall. I know a REAL stall is over a month with no loss, but I've been wanting to see how my body reacts to JUDDD on low carb for a while, since the beginning, but I was too excited about unlimited cake LoL!

We'll know next Sunday if it's something that is worth continuing.
Until then, I'm going to enjoy my weekend!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup

1 whole large Cloves Of Garlic Minced
2 Tbl Olive Oil
2 10¾ oz Cans of Condensed Tomato Soup
2 Tbl Of Sun Dried Tomato Paste
2 cups Half-and-half
2 cups Chicken Stock
1 tsp Onion Powder
1 Tbl Italian Seasoning
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Pepper
1 whole 19 Oz Package Of Cheese Filled Tortellini
½ cup Shredded Parmesan Cheese, for garnish

Saute garlic with the olive oil in a large stock pot over medium heat until golden brown. Be sure to keep an eye on it so it doesn’t get too brown or burnt. When the garlic is done, add tomato soup, tomatoes, half and half, chicken stock and spices. Bring to a simmer. Once simmering, drop tortellini into the soup. Cook according to the package directions.

The soup gets thick and delicious. Next time I think we'll add maybe come smoked sausage, or crumbled sausage. Oh! Or have a can of claw meat (crab). It's great on it's own though - so easy too. I actually didn't make this, I simply read the directions to my boyfriend, and he made the magic happen!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Things I've Learned While Working in an Office (All Women)

  • The department employees LOVE sweets, but don't expect your very thoughtful baked goods to be inhaled, because EVERYONE is on a diet... everyone!
  • Oh, you don't like coffee? Too bad!
  • Man, it seems like every month, near the same time, everyone is in a terrible mood!
  • Don't fill your desk with snacks - you'll eat them.
  • Yay! One hour lunch break (30 minutes later) Now what?
  • Everything you have to do on Friday, can really wait until Monday
  • No one cares if your out of office sick, in fact, they don't want you anywhere near them!
  • Use it or lose it when it comes to vacation time, but expect everyone to hate you when you finally do take all that earned time to go to the Beach.
  • Meet your deadlines or else! Or else what? No ones knows, because we meet our deadlines.
  • If you help once, you'll be expected to help everytime - so don't show your hidden talents to people who will take advantage of your hard work.
  • Having holidays off.. that's awesome - especially having the made up holidays off like the eve before Christmas and New Years, and the day after Thanksgving.
  • Keep lunch items in your office, because leaving for lunch is not only a hassle - it becomes expensive!
  • Don't rely on the vending machings (they don't even make half of that stuff anymore, EW!)
  • No one cares how busy you are - please, come in my office, and sit your drink on my contracts and backgrounds checks, please - they're not important. How may I help you with your problem you could have either solved yourself, or waited on.
  • People do not have any sense of time, nor do they know what an appointment is - it's just something you have to get over.
  • Electric staplers are scary.
  • Even you didn't workout before, you need to workout now. Sitting on your arse for 8 hours a day is going to shape your butt like the chair you sit in - No one wants a big fat flat chair butt, no ma'am.

Monday, November 4, 2013

What is Love, Baby Don't Hurt Me!

I just received news that another couple, friends of mine, are getting divorced. I'm not going to go into details, but it is unexpected. I look at many couples, and judge them, and put an expiration date on them for kicks, but not this couple - they were different, and I had dinner with them only a short few weeks ago, and everything was fine, but someone made a mistake, and now it's over, and my heart breaks for both of them, regardless of the fault.

This is one of a hand full of couples that I know that have split in the past year, and I'm losing all hope that two well meaning people can fall in love, and stay in love while vowing with sincere meaning that they will do nothing to hurt or betray the trust of their spouse. I look at some of these people, or did before, and I said, "they would never do something like that, they're so in love." Maybe I'm confused or maybe I have lost touch with what it means to be human, and have desires, but I couldn't bring myself to commit those actions, the same ones that were committed that hurt me so deeply by my exhusband. I couldn't - that's not something anyone should feel, but... I don't know all the details - some of these people claim it's an eye for an eye situation, some say it was sudden and unexpected. All I can do is watch... listen, hurt for them, be there for them, and hope for the best, and hope that my next marriage is strong, and that we are indeed two people, well meaning, truthful, and in love with an intention to build a future on honesty and trust while elminating outside influences that could hurt our partnership. Is it even possible anymore - should we lose all hope for humanity? I can't imagine...