Thursday, July 2, 2015


Facebook is making my head hurt. Folks are upset over the marriage equality ruling; some for religious reasons, but others are stating things like "Since when do random judges in black robes get to decide what's good for America?! This is not the America our ancestors fought for!"
Oh really? That's not what our forefathers wanted? Then why did they write about checks and balances in the constitution to assure that not one branch of government could have more power than the other? Why did they put in the Constitution that the judicial branch could interpret the laws when said laws were unconstitutional?
"Judicial power—the power to decide cases and controversies—is vested in the Supreme Court and inferior courts established by Congress. The judges must be appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the Senate, hold office during good behavior and receive compensations that may not be diminished during their continuance in office. If a court's judges do not have such attributes, the court may not exercise the judicial power of the United States. Courts exercising the judicial power are called "constitutional courts."
I'm not going to get into the Biblical reasons, because those who cherry pick verses in Leviticus to prove a point did not read the rest of the Bible, nor do they seem to truly understand the being they worship or what he died for.
Another issue giving me a headache is the Confederate flag - I stopped caring though after someone was arguing that it was there Heritage, because their family "succeeded" from the Union. Ummm... No you didn't "succeed", nor did you SECEDE. After that I was done with trying to bring logic to a fight against banning the Battle flag, when an actual ban does not exist in the first place.
I'm just over it. I've unfollowed and unfriended so many people already, but luckily that's made my page a bit more inviting. I'm not on Facebook to be stressed or angry, so I'm eliminating that aspect for the most part. Can you blame me?

Friday, June 26, 2015


I'm just going to leave this here...
I don't want to talk about those who are angry
or those who disagree or have negative opinions..
I just want to be happy!
It's legal!
Now the people I love can get married!
The people I care about can pursue happiness <3
Thank you, SCOTUS!
Thank you, POTUS!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Welcome Home, Remy Lebeau!

Okay, so we probably didn't need another dog right now, but LOOK AT THIS FACE! How could you resist?! We rescued him today, and there was barely a question once we saw him as to if he would go home with us or not. He is a Collie/Great Pyrenees mix. His mom was from an abusive home and was pregnant when rescued. Remy along with 6 other brothers and sisters were born on April 23rd.  It's obvious that he's not been able to run free in his short life so far - he's very curious and clumsy! We love him though, and I'm glad we can give him a forever home.
Now I have a running buddy!
Thor is more of a home body - not a fan of running.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Honeymoon Picked

The Winner is:

Why We are Encouraging Guests to Leave the Kids at Home..

I should begin this post with - I don't hate children..
I love babies! I love kids! I love each and every kids in my family, and each kid created by my friends; they are great and I am happy for them. I would babysit any one of them, and spoil them rotten, but there's one day we have chose in particular though that we would prefer children stay home, and that day is our wedding.
We're not going to put any sort of "no kids" type heading on our invitations, but we are taking certain steps to 'discourage' those with children from bringing them to an atmosphere not really suitable for a child to be in. Let's face it, a child does not know the significance of a wedding, nor do they care that the ceremony is a time to be quiet and respectable. All they know is that their bored, tired, hungry, and/or not having fun. The 8 members of our wedding party have 10 toddlers, while our guest list could bring up to 35 children under 6 years of age. How do we explain to everyone that it's not THEIR kid we're excluding, it's that it's entirely too many children for us to accommodate and keep the 'feel' we're going for with our event. I've already gotten the response of, "well, you don't have to worry about feeding the little one - they'll be fine." It's not about feeding them, it's not about budget or seating, it's that children change the atmosphere of a wedding. We're hoping the fact that it's a formal, evening wedding will give parents the hint that it may not be appropriate to bring their toddler, but many parents will likely take it personally and bring their child to prove a point or simply because they don't understand etiquette or how invitations work, or they'll stay home. We don't want hurt feelings, and understand how they must feel, but there will be plenty of instances in life where you'll have to leave the babe at home, and this is one of those times - it's a fact of life and no one is trying to hurt your feelings just because you have a child. The invitations will be worded in a way we hope folks understand. The only children that will be officially invited are our Flower Girl and her baby sister who is still breastfeeding. Those are also our only out of town guests with small children, which is another thing we considered when we were discussing this - it just so happen to work out. They were also the only kiddos invited to the Rehearsal dinner, because we have ALOT to do at the venue (and two hours to do it), and we couldn't have the distractions. (we are also having a $35 per plate dinner after we rehearse, and the choices aren't kid friendly)
Another response I got to the whole "no kids" thing was, "as long as ______has the iphone he's fine. That's how we make it through dinner's out. It'll be fine."
1) Don't get my started on the whole kids with phones and tablets at the dinner table... just no!!
2) Are you gonna let him be on the Internet during OUR WEDDING?! Have you heard of courtesy and respect?
3) I want to ask the adults to "unplug", so that's really not going to work for me. No way, just no!"
REALLY!? Like... All I heard was, "oh don't worry, this is the biggest day of your life so far, but my family is going to have their nose in their phones so they don't have to deal with your pesky inconvenience of a ceremony." WTF!
The invitations will be addressed to THAT person or THAT couple only, not "the family of". We will also be sending an RSVP that has only one space for one to add their "plus one". If anyone asks, we will express our opinion that, "it's not an atmosphere we think would be appropriate for a child. It will be loud, there will be booze, and there will be no activities for the kids". We thought about making a whole room for the kids, and hiring folks to watch them, but other than the fact that most parents probably won't allow a stranger to watch their children, Richard said it wasn't our responsibility and to stop making our wedding about the needs of others. Okay... that is harsh, but it's true. Every opinion or request seems to have been met with someone making it about them or their needs, so I can see why he's pretty done with accommodating folks. Plus, we're paying for it so no one else should matter, right? 
Another step in discouraging the presents of children will be expressed through our wedding website under the FAQs page. Again, we will say, "Although we love children, we do not believe this will be an appropriate place for them to be. Kids aren't big fans of sitting quietly through the boring bits of a wedding, and as for the reception, it'll run a bit late, it will be loud and there will be alcohol. So if you can, find a babysitter, and enjoy the evening!" Something like that...
I'm sure a lot of people are going to treat us like monsters, but I've dealt with enough anxiety about what other people think and you know what... It's our day. If you can't be there, that's okay. We want to celebrate this with our friends, and subtracting 30 kids means 30 adults can come enjoy the evening with us. We also hope folks get a baby sitter so they can stay late in the evening without the worry that little Jake is getting too tired or having a meltdown. Long story short, we wanna rock and roll all night long, and party all day.
I hope folks don't assume their kid will be the exception...
Nothing ruins a romantic moment like a crying baby..
This, to me, is a very important, and intimate moment.
I love kids, but this will not be a place to bring them..

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Battle of the Honeymoons

With my State discount, I just found out that I can get a vacation package for a little less than a cruise. We originally wanted to go on a cruise (and still do), but now I'm unsure. We thought Universal would be too expensive for us, but it's not and there's so much to see! Harry Potter World, the lifesize recreation of Springfield (the Simpsons), Jurrasic Park... Countless other movie rides and attractions, and the Islands of Adventure. We could still go to the beach, and even stay at his dad's a night or two in Venice which is very close to the Beach. I mean, why do I even want to go to the Beach? It's fun for about a day, and then I'm done. I like an activity filled vacation!
A cruise still sounds great, I'm just not sure anymore. A cruise freaks me out a bit, because of the passport thing, being in another country, and not really being well traveled enough to feel comfortable with being that far away in the middle of the ocean. On the other hand, it's a brand new experience and I always welcome that!
Decisions, Decisions...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Work Weight Loss Challenge (Weight In)

This morning was the first weigh in for our weight loss challenge at work; we have one every two weeks. My grand total for this first two weeks?
 2 pounds!
Not much, but it's okay; it's something! The important thing is that I look like I've lost more due to working out, and I have more than a few people saying so. So, I guess I'm happy with that. I haven't been really good about eating low calorie, so I was expecting a gain. Let's see what sticking to my low calories allowance does for my loss in the next weigh in, shall we?
In other new, I bought a bike at a yardsale this weekend. It was regular $140 + tax, and I snagged it for $60. It rides well and I'm going to purchase a bike rack very soon so I can easily take it places. It fits in my car, but It'll be much easier for us to haul two bikes if we have a rack. Let's face it, I'll never be a runner even know I want to - I am not fast. This gives me a great way to workout outside and enjoy doing something other than walking. I think I'm throwing in the towel on my lunch time walks at work for a while. It's now in the mid to upper 90's during the day, and that's just TOO hot, and I get entirely too sweaty. No worries though, I have lots to do before and after work to get my activity in.